Services we offer

IIA members throughout the world have a shared philosophy of providing a high quality, professional and personal service to their clients, principally in the areas of auditing, accounting, taxation, investigations, corporate financial re- organization, management consulting, financial planning, mergers and evaluation of companies.

AaroT Solutions (Pty) Ltd provides the full range of Risk Assessments / Management, Internal Auditing, Performance Management System, Performance Management (Service Delivery), Assurance Services, Forensic Investigations, Compliance Monitoring, Annual Financial Statement Review, Revaluation of Capital Assets, Policy Review, and any other related services you would expect from an Internal Auditing company, consistent with local professional or legislative practices.

  • accountingWe offer engagements to evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the control activities within the processes identified during the Risk Assessment phase and which are approved by the Audit Committee. Our engagements include the following processes:

    • Compliance Audit;
    • Regulatory Audits;
    • Performance Management System Audits;
    • Financial Management Audits;
    • Risk Assessment & Management Audits;
    • Assurance Audits; and
    • Forensic Investigation Audits.
  • accounting1We assist management in ensuring that every new system that is to be implemented will meet the management’s requirements.
  • accounting2We offer engagements as per our clientele specific requirements which could include the following:

    • Business Turnaround Strategy;
    • Strategic Planning;
    • Skills Transfer;
    • Project Management;
    • Policy Development; and
    • Policy Review, to mention a few.
  • accounting3A full range of management consulting services is offered, which include the following:

    • Design and implementation of administrative financial and accounting structures.
    • Administrative management studies, surveys procedures, evaluation of efficiency and performance of personnel, sections and departments within the organisation.
    • Design and implementation of management and job organizational charts.
    • Design of job description for personnel at all levels.


What Are The Benefits To You?

AaroT Solutions (Pty) Ltd has a client centered focus throughout. Our approach is tailored to the circumstances obtaining in the client's industry.
We construct our team to reflect your organization structure. Corporate and strategic roles are separate from operational assignments. Your corporate liaison - the client service partner – is empowered to control all aspects of our services.

We make all aspects of our service delivery transparent to the client. Our performance is pre-scheduled, agreed with you for deliverables, timetable and maximum cost effectiveness. Our aim is to beat your expectations from this agreement.

The approach we adopt ensures that we bring our views to you about business operations as well as financial and legal compliance. AaroT Solutions’ employees are members of an international organization of substance (IIA Inc.) through their membership with IIA SA.

Your views on the quality of services are delivered by AaroT Solutions is sought by the managing partner in your principal location. We will take action promptly if you feel it is needed. We are experienced in serving complex organizations. We know that clear communication is essential to service provision. The client service role is judged by the effectiveness of our communication with clients and with our team.


How Do We Deliver?

The needs of our clients are common and vary only in degree, depending on the complexity of the organization. We believe that the main requirements are consistent, technical excellence, service delivery to satisfy statutory and management scheduled requirements, in adherence to timetable and budget.

Our local engagement team would conduct on-site visits at significant locations throughout your organization to perform in-depth business diagnostics of operations, accounting policies and internal controls to assess business opportunities and audit risks.

This exercise will result in a report to top management with suggestions for action. The dialogue around this report with top management will form the foundation of effective, harmonious business relationship in the future. It offers the additional benefits of:

  • Familiarizing the engagement team with relevant audit risks, opportunities for improving accounting policies and internal controls;
  • Providing an analysis of your key business systems, internal controls and procedures at all important locations. The review will generate business oriented recommendations for improved efficiency and cost saving;
  • Achieving timely and constructive communication with your local and corporate management in issues and service delivery improvement opportunities;
  • Avoiding surprises and resultant reporting delays;
  • Providing early warning of concerns regarding the resilience of your essential control and information infrastructure.